Wood Recycling

Our wood recycling yard located in Pingree Grove, Illinois recycles wood debris into a variety of different Landscape Mulch.
wood recycling

We Accept all Wood Waste Listed:

  • Clean Logs (Preferably 6 Feet and shorter)
  • Wood Chips
  • Woody Branches/Brush

Not Accepted:

  • Rocks, Bricks, Metal, Garbage
  • Leaves or Grass Clippings
  • Edgings, Dirt or other Debris
wood recycling

Mobile Wood Grinding Service

We offer a mobile wood grinding service anywhere in the Midwest. We can mobilize a large 1,050 HP Industrial Tub Grinder on Tracks, Large Wheel Loaders and All Terrain Stacking Conveyor Belt to turn your wood waste into a usable mulch material. Please Call or Email us to inquire!
wood recycling
wood recycling Image